Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services  


Akman & Associates, P.C. provides advice and representation in connection with the sale, purchase and lease of commercial and residential property.

Our services include the preparation or review of real estate contracts and leases, and the drafting of deeds. Or, if you simply need a deed prepared to transfer an interest in your property we can quickly do so.

Our real estate services include, but are not limited to:

  • Buy and Sell Real Estate
  • Preparation or Review of Contracts of Sale
  • Preparation or Review of Leases
  • Preparation of Deeds, including:
    Preparation of Life Estate Deeds
    Deeds for the Purchase of Ground Rents
  • Advice, consultation and representation for disputes between buyers and sellers of Real Estate
  • Advice, consultation and representation for disputes between Landlords and Tenants
  • Property Line Disputes
  • Advance Quiet Title actions to resolve Title Imperfections or Neighbor Disputes
  • Appeal Tax Assessments (Pennsylvania office only)

For more information or representation, please use the following contact information:

Maryland Locations:

  • In our Baltimore, Maryland area offices, please call (410) 337-9400 or toll free (800) 638-7700. We can also be contacted via email:

Pennsylvania Locations:

  • In our Southpointe/Canonsburg, Pennsylvania office, please call (800) 982-4078 or email
Washington, DC
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